The Concept and Study of Initial Exploration of Life-saving Food in Coal MiningReport as inadecuate

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After a coal mining accident, the key to the success of the coal mining emergency rescue is that thetrapped miners are still alive before the rescue passage are made through. As new life-saving equipment, lifesavingfoods are used to maintain the viability and the self-saving ability of the front-line miners when theyare trapped in the coal mining accident. The life-saving food will effectively extend the self-save time for thetrapped miners and then essentially improve the rescued possibility of the trapped miners. The amount of humanmetabolism, which was measured under the hot and humid environment, determines salt targets and nutritionindexes of the life-saving food. According to the particularity of underground environment, the passageexplores the method to store the life-saving food and how to reasonably select the storage locations. Reviewingthe application of the mine life-saving food, we can conclude that the self-saving food will have a betterfuture in the economic and social aspects. But it still needs to be demonstrated whether it is necessary to carrythe food with the human body. When the life-saving food is exposed under the hot and humid environment,the deterioration cure is still unclear.


Coal Mining; mine disasters; Life-saving food; indexes ; Emergency Rescue

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Author: Sai Liu, Xiao-yin Zhao, Chao-yu Hao, Zhen-shan Lian, Gang-gang Li



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