Study of Etching Pits on Copper Single Crystal Grown by Vertical Bridgman MethodReport as inadecuate

Study of Etching Pits on Copper Single Crystal Grown by Vertical Bridgman Method - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Copper single crystals can be widely used in the fields of neutron, X-ray monochromator and high fidelity signal transmission. In this article, a crack-free copper single crystal with integral and smooth appearance was successfully grown by the modified and non-seeded vertical Bridgman method. After being cut and polished, the as-grown crystal was analyzed utilizing a DX-2000 X-Ray diffractometer. XRD pattern with a sharp peak and high intensity of the 111 and 220 face on copper single crystal were obtained. The second order peaks of 111 crystal face were also observed. Wafers cut from the as-grown crystal were etched in the etchant mixed by nitric acid and high-purity water. Some comparatively clear metalloscope photographs of 111 and 220 face etching pits were got. The cause of the etching pits was analyzed, and the etch pit density EPD was calculated as about 104-106. The results show that the quality of the grown crystal is good and the crystal structure is integral.


copper single crystal; Bridgman growth method; XRD analysis; etching pits morphology; metalloscope photographs

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Author: Chao Yao, Bei-jun Zhao, Shi-fu Zhu, Shi-hong Tang, Zhi-yu He, Bao-jun Chen, Yi-bo Zhou, Huai-an Xiao



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