Synthnesis and Luminescence Properties of Rare EarthEu3 ,Tb3 ,La3 Organic ComplexesReport as inadecuate

Synthnesis and Luminescence Properties of Rare EarthEu3 ,Tb3 ,La3 Organic Complexes - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Series of rare earth complexes with MAA and phen, Eu1-xTbx MAA 3phen and Eu0.3xTb0.7xLay MAA3phen, were synthesized and identified by FTIR, TG-DSC,UV spectra and photoluminescence spectraPL. The results showed that the luminescent intensity of Eu3+ in Eu1-x TbxMAA3phen increased as the content of Tb3+ ions increased and when x=0.7, the fluorescence intensity reached the maximal value. In the complexes of Eu0.3xTb0.7xLay MAA 3phen, the addition of La3+ could improve the flurescence intensity of Eu3+ as well as reduce the amount of Eu and Tb. The flurescence intensity is two times bigger than that of the complexes without La3+ when y=0.5. It is found that the probability of 5D4-7F5 transition of Tb3+ ion was enhanced with the addition of La3+, the reason and the application prospect of this phenomenon were discussed.


rare earth; comples; luminescence intensity

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Author: Yan Chen, Le Zhang, Peng-de Han, Li-xi Wang, Qi-tu Zhang



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