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Fresh produces still maintain respiration after be harvested, they would be perishable if appropriate processes are not took in storage and transportation. The most common means of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh is Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP, which can extend the shelf life of fresh produces by way of controlling concentration levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in-package to restraint respiration of the tissue cell. A kind of film with micropore structure was obtained by oriented extrusion stretching method. A series of films with five different filler concentrations were prepared in this paper, mechanical properties, barrier properties and application properties in fruit preservation of these films were also studied. One LDPE film without additive was used as control. Experiment results showed that Young-s modulus of these films was moderately lower, and compared with the control, tensile strength of these films decreased by 40%~50% at most. Breaking strength and elongation at break decreased with increasing filler concentration. The OTR of films increased from 1358.52 cc-m2·day to 1462.20 cc-m2·day at mostWVTR of them had improved slightly. One with 2% filler concentration of these films was applied in fruit preservation as package of pear. After being stored at room temperature for 6 weeks, firmness dropped from 4.2×105Pa to 3.6×105Pa in sample film package in contrast to 3.0×105Pa in control package. Weight loss of pear stored in sample and control films was 1.45% and 2.24%. Gas contents O2,CO2 in-package were determined every week, the results showed that a appropriate levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in-package were obtained by using these kind of high gas permeable films. Fruits stored in these films package have better quality and longer shelf life.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP; high gas permeable film; diatomite; fruit preservation

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Author: Shao-yun Huang, Dong-li Li, Wen-cai Xu, Qing-ping Shi



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