Large |Vub|: A challenge for the Minimal Flavour Violating MSSM - High Energy Physics - PhenomenologyReport as inadecuate

Large |Vub|: A challenge for the Minimal Flavour Violating MSSM - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: Under the assumption of Minimal Flavour Violation MFV, the UnitarityTriangle UT can be determined by using only angle measurements and tree-levelobservables. In this respect, the most accurate quantities today available aresin 2 beta {psi Ks}, |Vcb| and |Vub|. Among the latter, |Vub| is at present thequantity suffering from largest systematic uncertainties, given the discrepancybetween the inclusive and the exclusive determinations.We show with a numerical fit how sensitively the MFV-UT determination dependson the choice of |Vub|. In addition, we focus on the implications of theinclusive value for |Vub|, which favors two non-SM like solutions in the rhobar- etabar plane. We study in detail the possibility of reproducing suchsolutions within the MFV MSSM. Our findings indicate that the case for the MFVMSSM is in this respect quite problematic, unless the non-perturbativeparameters xi and BK are significantly different from those obtained by latticemethods. As a byproduct, we point out that scenarios with 200 GeV <~ MA <~ 500GeV and tan beta =~ 50 that predict a significant suppression for Delta Ms incorrelation with an enhancement for BRBs -> mu^+ mu^- have to be fine-tunedin order not to violate the new combined bound on the latter decay mode fromthe CDF and D0 collaborations. Relatively large correlated effects can howeverstill occur for negative values of mu and large values for MA >~ 500 GeV,increasing with increasing tan beta >~ 30.

Author: Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Andrzej J. Buras, Diego Guadagnoli, Michael Wick


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