A study on the true color restoration perceived by eyes of color object surfaces under non-white illuminationReport as inadecuate

A study on the true color restoration perceived by eyes of color object surfaces under non-white illumination - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Color of an object surface is a constant property of the object. With non-white illumination, however, the perceived color of an object is affected by the color of the illuminant itself and so it is necessary for us to consider the true color of object surfaces perceived by vision system instead of the reflected color of such. This paper presents an approach capable of obtaining the true color images of objects recorded under the color light sources. Two special matrixes used to convert the RGB color values captured directly by a camera into the desired objectively RGB values are provided. Moreover, a model based on Edwin Land theory which can explain successfully color constancy of the eyes is realized. Ten color images with different contents for experiments are photographed using a 12-bit digital camera, under separately the red, green, blue and yellow color lights, with a full control of lightings in the laboratory. These forty color images captured are also converted using respectively the proposed method and model. Research results indicate that colors of images obtained from the former are similar to those from the latter. The true colors of objects recorded under color lights are restored successfully, which are almost identical with colors recorded under the white lights. The feasibility of this conversion with better potential of applications in many areas such as color recognition, color reproduction, packaging and printing etc. is demonstrated successfully by experiments.


color perception; color restoration; color reproduction;

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Author: Yongl-li Chen, Wen-xia Liu

Source: http://www.scirp.org/


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