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The application of fatty alcohol ether carboxylate surfactant is extensive due to its particular properties. This paper studied the synthesis process of this new type of anion surfactant. Using secondary fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ethersecondary -AEO9, sodium hydroxide and sodium chloroacetate as raw materials, the secondary dodecyl alcohol ether sodium acetatesecondary AEC9-Na was synthesized under the optimum reaction conditions:, nfatty alcohol ether∶nsodium hydroxide: nsodium chloroacetate=1:1.2:1.1, the first reaction was run at 110℃ for 3h, then carboxymethylation reaction was taken place at 50℃for 4h. 92.5 % yield was attained after seperation and purification. The structure of the product was identified by infrared spectrumIR ,the results showed that the product presents a typical absorption of carboxyl group at 1734 cm-1 that confirmed secondary AEC9-Na was synthesized.


Fatty Alcohol Ether Carboxylate; Carboxymethylation; Synthesis; Anion Active Contents

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Author: Huiying Ma, Yanjun Liu, Guo Zheng, Yu Sun



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