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Abstract: We present a detailed mass reconstruction of the cluster RCS0224-0002 at$z=0.773$ from the strong lensing features observed with HST-WFPC2. The massprofile is reconstructed using a parametric approach. We introduce a novelmethod to fit extended multiple images based on the Modified Hausdorff Distancebetween observed arcs and the arcs reproduced by the model. We perform thedetailed error analysis of the model parameter using the MCMC method. Our modelreproduces all the observed strong lensing features of the RCS0224-0002 andpredicts the redshift of one of the arcs systems to be $z\approx 2.65$ theother system has an spectroscopic redshift of $z=4.87$. The reconstructedinner mass profile is well fitted by a non-singular isothermal sphere, ratherthan with an NFW model. Dark matter substructure, derived from the lightdistribution of the most luminous cluster members, is crucial for reproducingthe complexity of the quadrupole image system, which could not be achievedotherwise. The reconstructed mass distribution closely follows the light,however it is significantly shifted from the X-ray emission of the gas. Themass of RCS0224-0002 derived from the lensing model, $\approx 2\times10^{14}M \odot$ is in a very good agreement with the one obtained from the X-raytemperature measured with deep Chandra observations.

Autor: J. Rzepecki, M. Lombardi, P. Rosati, A. Bignamini, P. Tozzi


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