Utilization of sun-dried maize offal with blood meal in diets for broiler chickensReport as inadecuate

Utilization of sun-dried maize offal with blood meal in diets for broiler chickens - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Sun-dried blend of maize offal and blood SDMBM was analyzed and its effect on the per- formance of broiler chickens Anak-2000 strain evaluated. Fresh blood prevented from coagu- lation, mixed with maize offal, was sun-dried, ground, mixed again with blood and ground into a meal after drying again. The crude protein, fat, fibre, ash, ADF and gross energy contents of SDMBM were, 362.0, 45.5, 31.8, 69.3, 52.3 g-kg DM and 4.245 kcal-g, respectively. It was ade- quate in all essential amino acids for growing broiler chickens except methionine. Eighty 14- day-old commercial broiler chicks were ran- domly allocated to four dietary treatments fed ad libitum; four replicates each consisting the control diet 0 g SDMBM-kg diet, which con- tained fishmeal, groundnut cake and soybean meal, and three other diets 50, 100 and 150 g SDMBM-kg diet. In a feeding trial, the starter 14 to 35 d and finisher 35 to 49 d dietary treat- ments did not have significant impact P > 0.05 on body weight gain, efficiency of feed conver- sion, mortality and final body weights. The con- trol diet was inferior P < 0.05 to 50, 100 and 150 g SDMBM-kg diets for feed cost per unit weight gain in the starter phase, 100 g SDMBM-kg diet in the finisher phase, and 100 and 150 g SDMBM- kg diets for the whole period 14 to 49 d. Overall, the 100 and 150 g superior P < 0.05 to the con- trol diet in cost of production per unit weight gain and all the SDMBM diets greater than con- trol in economic benefit per unit weight gain. Results suggest that dietary SDMBM up to 150 g-kg diet has a positive effect on broiler per- formance and can totally replace more expen- sive fishmeal.


Alternative Feedstuff; Blood Meal; Fishmeal Replacement; Maize Offal

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Makinde, O. and Sonaiya, E. 2011 Utilization of sun-dried maize offal with blood meal in diets for broiler chickens. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 1, 106-111. doi: 10.4236-ojas.2011.13014.

Author: Olukayode A. Makinde, Emmanuel B. Sonaiya

Source: http://www.scirp.org/


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