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Abstract: In the paper we check whether the contribution of $-1+z^6$ type in theFriedmann equation can be tested. We consider some astronomical tests toconstrain the density parameters in such models. We describe differentinterpretations of such an additional term: geometric effects of Loop QuantumCosmology, effects of braneworld cosmological models, non-standard cosmologicalmodels in metric-affine gravity, and models with spinning fluid. Kinematicalor geometrical tests based on null geodesics are insufficient to separateindividual matter components when they behave like perfect fluid and scale inthe same way. Still, it is possible to measure their overall effect. We userecent measurements of the coordinate distances from the Fanaroff-Riley typeIIb FRIIb radio galaxy RG data, supernovae type Ia SNIa data, baryonoscillation peak and cosmic microwave background radiation CMBR observationsto obtain stronger bounds for the contribution of the type considered. Wedemonstrate that, while $ ho^2$ corrections are very small, they can be testedby astronomical observations - at least in principle. Bayesian criteria ofmodel selection the Bayesian factor, AIC, and BIC are used to check ifadditional parameters are detectable in the present epoch. As it turns out, the$\Lambda$CDM model is favoured over the bouncing model driven by loop quantumeffects. Or, in other words, the bounds obtained from cosmography are veryweak, and from the point of view of the present data this model isindistinguishable from the $\Lambda$CDM one.

Autor: Marek Szydlowski, Wlodzimierz Godlowski, Tomasz Stachowiak

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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