TESTING SULPHUR DISTRIBUTION IN LIQUID PRODUCTS OF CRACKED GAS OILS - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Fuels and lubricants : journal for tribology, lubrication, application of liquid and gaseous fuels and combustion engineering, Vol.43 No.1 February 2004. -


The present feeds for the fluid catalytic cracking process contain large residual quantities of atmospheric and vacuum distillations that are rich in sulphur. The catalytic cracking products, primarily the FCC gasoline and light cyclic oil, represent the main sources of sulphur in motor gasoline and diesel fuel. The FCC gasoline share is 40 vol.% in motor gasoline, and it provides 98% of the total sulphur quantity contained in motor gasoline. These two facts emphasize the importance of testing sulphur distribution in FCC gasoline and in other products of catalytic cracking obtained from various feeds.

The paper compares the yields of gas oil catalytic cracking products obtained from the feeds containing different quantities of sulphur. Tests have been performed on the laboratory device for catalytic cracking by means of a microactivity test MAT. The obtained liquid products of cracking are fractionated, so that the resulting fractions of gasoline, light cyclic oil and heavy cyclic oil have a determined sulphur content. The research octane number RON has been determined for gasoline fractions, and correlated with the content and distribution of hydrocarbons in gasoline, as well as with the content of sulphur in the feed i.e. gasoline.

The obtained results show that by using hydrotreated feed the conversion and yield of FCC gasoline have increased, while FCC gasoline RON has decreased, as well as the content of sulphur in gasoline and other liquid products of cracking.

FCC Fluid catalitic cracking, FCC gasoline and gasoil fractions; fraction sulphur content; fraction research octane number RON; feedstock pretreatament viewpoint; product refining and final treatment viewpoint

Author: Maja Fabulić Ruszkowski - Sanda Telen - Štefica Podolski - Tomislav Šarić -

Source: http://hrcak.srce.hr/


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