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Fuels and lubricants : journal for tribology, lubrication, application of liquid and gaseous fuels and combustion engineering, Vol.43 No.2 April 2004. -


The testing of the engine oil of SHPD quality, viscosity grade SAE 15W-40, was performed during the autumn-winter ploughing, with the purpose of gathering data on the change dynamics of basic engine oil properties and the resulting possibilities of oil change interval extension. Ploughing was performed on soil with the texture of silty-clay loam, water content 15-19 %, to the depth of a = 30-32 cm during 13 November to 11 December, 2002. The work was done in 24 workdays with a four-furrow reversible plough Regent, type Megastar 600 CX and tractor John Deere 8200, engine power of 155 kW 210 HP.The oil samples in the amount of 1 litre were taken by pump directly in the field.

The values of the physical-chemical properties of oil were within the expected limits. The viscosity change trend suggests the conclusion that viscosity changed very little during testing and remained throughout the entire period within the initial SAE viscosity grade, which means that the oil was able to maintain its lubrication properties under heavy-duty tractor operating conditions, without threat to the normal functioning and overall condition of the engine. Even when the test was finished, the oil still had a high alkaline reserve TBN, which means that it was protecting the engine well and could have remained in use. The wear of metal parts, indicated by the value of the oil metal content, was low. During testing, the total of 3.7 l of oil was topped up, indicating an average consumption of 1.22 l of oil per 100 op. hrs of the tractor. The total oil testing time was 304 op. hrs of the tractor. Although nearly all indicators were pointing to the possibility of continued operation i.e. oil change interval extension, the final oil change interval was not determined because the user discontinued the test beforehand, probably due to the usual oil changeinterval of 200 hrs of operation.

engine oil application properties; tractor JOHN DEERE 8200; SHPD super high performance motor oil for diesel engines; field application testing; autmn-winter ploughing

Autor: Robert Zimmer - Dragan Škrobonja - Vladimir Olrom - Petar Lazar -

Fuente: http://hrcak.srce.hr/


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