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Abstract: We show how leptogenesis can occur at the TeV scale with neutrinos thatpossess almost purely Dirac masses and negligible Majorana mass contributionsas a consequence of the small wavefunction overlap in a warped fifth dimension.Lepton number violation at the Planck scale is introduced via a Majorana massterm on the Planck brane. Such a Majorana mass operator leads to the small masssplitting of otherwise degenerate Kaluza-Klein excited states on the TeV brane.This tiny mass splitting can compensate for the small Yukawa couplings to givea CP asymmetry large enough to produce the sufficient baryon asymmetry from thedecay of the nearly degenerate neutrino Kaluza-Klein states. In this way thestandard baryogenesis via leptogenesis scenario can naturally occur at the TeVscale without the need for a high mass scale.

Autor: Tony Gherghetta, Kenji Kadota, Masahide Yamaguchi

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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