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Abstract: We investigate some fundamental features of a class of non-linearrelativistic lagrangian field theories with kinetic self-coupling. We focus ourattention upon theories admitting static, spherically symmetric solutions inthree space dimensions which are finite-energy and stable. We determine generalconditions for the existence and stability of these non-topological solitonsolutions. In particular, we perform a linear stability analysis that goesbeyond the usual Derrick-like criteria. On the basis of these considerations weobtain a complete characterization of the soliton-supporting members of theaforementioned class of non-linear field theories. We then classify the familyof soliton-supporting theories according to the central and asymptoticbehaviors of the soliton field, and provide illustrative explicit examples ofmodels belonging to each of the corresponding sub-families. In the present workwe restrict most of our considerations to one and many-components scalarmodels. We show that in these cases the finite-energy static sphericallysymmetric solutions are stable against charge-preserving perturbations,provided that the vacuum energy of the model vanishes and the energy density ispositive definite. We also discuss briefly the extension of the presentapproach to models involving other types of fields, but a detailed study ofthis more general scenario will be addressed in a separate publication.

Autor: Joaquin Diaz-Alonso, Diego Rubiera-Garcia


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