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Abstract: We study the relation between PageRank and other parameters of informationnetworks such as in-degree, out-degree, and the fraction of dangling nodes. Wemodel this relation through a stochastic equation inspired by the originaldefinition of PageRank. Further, we use the theory of regular variation toprove that PageRank and in-degree follow power laws with the same exponent. Thedifference between these two power laws is in a multiple coefficient, whichdepends mainly on the fraction of dangling nodes, average in-degree, the powerlaw exponent, and damping factor. The out-degree distribution has a minoreffect, which we explicitly quantify. Our theoretical predictions show a goodagreement with experimental data on three different samples of the Web.

Autor: Yana Volkovich, Nelly Litvak, Debora Donato


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