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Abstract: We study to what extent wormholes can mimic the observational features ofblack holes. It is surprisingly found that many features that could be thoughtof as ``characteristic of a black hole endowed with an event horizon can beclosely mimicked by a globally static wormhole, having no event horizon. Thisis the case for: the apparently irreversible accretion of matter down a hole,no-hair properties, quasi-normal-mode ringing, and even the dissipativeproperties of black hole horizons, such as a finite surface resistivity equalto 377 Ohms. The only way to distinguish the two geometries on anobservationally reasonable time scale would be through the detection ofHawkings radiation, which is, however, too weak to be of practical relevancefor astrophysical black holes. We point out the existence of an interestingspectrum of quantum microstates trapped in the throat of a wormhole which couldbe relevant for storing the information ``lost during a gravitationalcollapse.

Autor: Thibault Damour, Sergey N. Solodukhin

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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