Abbreviation Method for Some Jointed Relations in Displaying GenealogyReport as inadecuate

Abbreviation Method for Some Jointed Relations in Displaying Genealogy - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 Ritsumeikan University 2 Otani University Kyoto 3 Institute of Land Use Reorganization Kyoto 4 Hokkaido University Hospital Sapporo

Abstract : In this research, a new method, named -Joint ABBReviation for Organizing WHIteBasE (JaBBRoW)-, for abbreviating some jointed relations in displaying genealogy using our previous WHIteBasE method, is proposed. The WHIteBasE method has perfectly been able to integrate each relation that includes a married couple and their children, and has been able to display various complex relations with segment intersections easily. This method has a problem that all of inputted layouts are always displayed. The solution is to use the JaBBRoW. It is a hidden boundary that can organize information of some positions using a square area that is set by user’s requirements to abbreviate. Not only the area is movable but also its scale can be compacted and recovered seamlessly by only mouse operations. As a result, arbitrary relations with horizontal and vertical connections in genealogy can be abbreviated easily. Our software that can display genealogy with abbreviation is presented.

Keywords : Family Trees Pedigrees GEDCOM WHIteBasE

Author: Seiji Sugiyama - Daisuke Yokozawa - Atsushi Ikuta - Satoshi Hiratsuka - Susumu Saito - Miyuki Shibata - Tohru Matsuura -



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