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Abstract: We review recent results obtained in the physics of the thermal Casimir forceacting between two dielectrics, dielectric and metal, and between metal andsemiconductor. The detailed derivation for the low-temperature behavior of theCasimir free energy, pressure and entropy in the configuration of two realdielectric plates is presented. For dielectrics with finite static dielectricpermittivity it is shown that the Nernst heat theorem is satisfied. Hence, theLifshitz theory of the van der Waals and Casimir forces is demonstrated to beconsistent with thermodynamics. The nonzero dc conductivity of dielectricplates is proved to lead to a violation of the Nernst heat theorem and, thus,is not related to the phenomenon of dispersion forces. The low-temperatureasymptotics of the Casimir free energy, pressure and entropy are derived alsoin the configuration of one metal and one dielectric plate. The results areshown to be consistent with thermodynamics if the dielectric plate possesses afinite static dielectric permittivity. If the dc conductivity of a dielectricplate is taken into account this results in the violation of the Nernst heattheorem. We discuss both the experimental and theoretical results related tothe Casimir interaction between metal and semiconductor with different chargecarrier density. Discussions in the literature on the possible influence ofspatial dispersion on the thermal Casimir force are analyzed. In conclusion,the conventional Lifshitz theory taking into account only the frequencydispersion remains the reliable foundation for the interpretation of allpresent experiments.

Author: B. Geyer, G.L. Klimchitskaya, V.M. Mostepanenko


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