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Abstract: This chapter summarizes analytic theory and numerical calculations for theformation and collisional evolution of KBOs at 20-150 AU. We describe the mainpredictions of a baseline self-stirring model and show how dynamicalperturbations from a stellar flyby or stirring by a giant planet modify theevolution. Although robust comparisons between observations and theory requirebetter KBO statistics and more comprehensive calculations, the data are broadlyconsistent with KBO formation in a massive disk followed by substantialcollisional grinding and dynamical ejection. However, there are importantproblems reconciling the results of coagulation and dynamical calculations.Contrasting our current understanding of the evolution of KBOs and asteroidssuggests that additional observational constraints, such as the identificationof more dynamical families of KBOs like the 2003 EL61 family, would provideadditional information on the relative roles of collisional grinding anddynamical ejection in the Kuiper Belt. The uncertainties also motivatecalculations that combine collisional and dynamical evolution, a `unifiedcalculation that should give us a better picture of KBO formation andevolution.

Autor: Scott J. Kenyon, Benjamin C. Bromley, David P. O'Brien, Donald R. Davis


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