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 Wisdom Collection - Complete Works of Aphorisms - Reference Edition

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The Wisdom Collection, a monumental work what writes the history of the aphorism Sorin Cerin is considered one of the most important writers of aphorisms. Is the author of the monumental work, who writes in present, the history of the aphorism, entitled -The Wisdom Collection-, which includes 11 486 aphorisms, structured into 14 volumes. -The Wisdom Collection - is considered one of the most extensive works, from the aphoristic domain, till now. All work aphoristic, signed by Sorin Cerin, have been translated and published in English under the title of -Wisdom Collection-. Sorin Cerins aphorisms are dignified of being analyzed within the Sapiential Literature , which has an ancient origin, as and the writing itself, or its models in the East, but, also in ancient Greece. These are reflections, thoughts, meditations that are easily assimilated within the memorable teachings of Wisdom, for the soul. Sorin Cerin facing in a creation poetic and philosophical, in the same time, with ambitious themes such as God and immortality, transience and eternity, the nothingness and life, faith, God and the Illusion of the Existence. His creations are aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, which contain echoes from a life experience, but without the arrogance to assert the Absolute Truths: -To believe in what you do not know is as true, that to believe in what you know, because your life, is an -illusion,- writes Sorin Cerin in one of his aphorisms. Fabrizio Caramagna -Sapiential literature has a history perhaps as old writing itself. Not only in the Middle Ancient, but in ancient Greece -wise men- were chosen as apoftegmatic sententiar constitute, easily memorable, to do, which is traditionally called the ancient Greeks, Paideia, education of the soul for ones training.And in Romanian culture is rich tradition.Mr.Sorin Cerin is part of it doing a remarkable work of all. Quotes - focuses his reflections of life and cultural experience and its overflow the shares of others. All those who will open this book of teaching, like any good book, it will reward them by participation in wisdom, good thought of reading them. Acad. Gheorghe Vladutescu- The famous Wisdom Collection, is considered by experts one of the most important works of the century.In this collection is published the entire works of aphorisms written by the author, until the date of printing, April 2014, summing 11486 aphorisms. Sorin Cerin has lately approached similar fundamental themes, in the genre of aphorisms. Creations that, through the language of literary theory, are part of the sapient creation, containing aphorisms, proverbs, maxims etc. which -sont les echos de lexperience-, that makes you wonder how such a young author can have such a vast and varied life experience, transfigured with talent in hundreds of copies on genre of wisdom.As to fairly appreciate the sapient literature in this six volumes of Sorin Cerin, The so-called sapient genre knows a long tradition in the universal literature, since Homer up to Marc Aurelius, Rochefoucauld, Baltasar Gracian, Schopenhauer and many others, Sorin Cerin has carried, as he tells us through his aphorisms

In Sorin Cerins aphorisms, we discover his own experience of a fragile soul and a lucid mind, expressed through a concentrated and dense form.Philosophical, social, psychological and moral observations.Sorin Cerin is a -moralist- with a contemporary thinking and sensibility. Some of his aphorisms, which are concentrated just like energy in an atom, are real poems in one single verse. Many of his gnomic formulations are the expression of an ever-searching mind, of a penetrating, equilibrated way of thinking, based on the pertinent observation of the human being and of life, but also of rich bookish information.Hus, he dears to define immortality as -moments eternity- and admits to -destinys freedom to admit his own death facing eternity- -Gods moment of eternity which mirrors for eternity in Knowledge, thus becoming transient, thus Destiny which is the mirror imagine of immortality-.-Immortality is desolated only for those who do not love- -immortality is the beings play of light with Destiny, so both of them understand the importance of love-.Nevertheless, the gnomic, sapient literature is difficult to achieve, but Sorin Cerin has the resources to accomplish for the highest exigency. He has proved it in his ability to correlate The Absolute with Truth, Hope, Faith, Sin, Falsehood, Illusion, Vanity, Destiny, The Absurd, Happiness, etc.

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