Vol 4: PCMdb: Pancreatic Cancer Methylation Database.Report as inadecuate

 Vol 4: PCMdb: Pancreatic Cancer Methylation Database.

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This article is from Scientific Reports, volume 4.AbstractPancreatic cancer is the fifth most aggressive malignancy and urgently requires new biomarkers to facilitate early detection. For providing impetus to the biomarker discovery, we have developed Pancreatic Cancer Methylation Database PCMDB, http:-crdd.osdd.net-raghava-pcmdb-, a comprehensive resource dedicated to methylation of genes in pancreatic cancer. Data was collected and compiled manually from published literature. PCMdb has 65907 entries for methylation status of 4342 unique genes. In PCMdb, data was compiled for both cancer cell lines 53565 entries for 88 cell lines and cancer tissues 12342 entries for 3078 tissue samples. Among these entries, 47.22% entries reported a high level of methylation for the corresponding genes while 10.87% entries reported low level of methylation. PCMdb covers five major subtypes of pancreatic cancer; however, most of the entries were compiled for adenocarcinomas 88.38% and mucinous neoplasms 5.76%. A user-friendly interface has been developed for data browsing, searching and analysis. We anticipate that PCMdb will be helpful for pancreatic cancer biomarker discovery.

Author: Nagpal, Gandharva; Sharma, Minakshi; Kumar, Shailesh; Chaudhary, Kumardeep; Gupta, Sudheer; Gautam, Ankur; Raghava, Gajendra P. S.

Source: https://archive.org/

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