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 On the quantum loop suppressed electroweak processes

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The quantum loop suppressed electroweak processes appear to be very sensitive probes for the symmetry-breaking mechanisms. Since the Standard Model does not involve massive neutrinos, baryon or lepton number violations and the cold dark matter particle, there are great expectations in search for physics beyond the Standard Model. The LHC experiments reported no new physics, except for the appearance of the 125 GeV heavy resonance. If this resonance turns out to be a Higgs boson, we shall be faced with the paradox that the Standard Model, as a theoretically and experimentally incomplete and defective theory, is confirmed. If, on the other hand, this resonance is a scalar or pseudoscalar meson - a mixture of a pseudoscalar glueball and toponium, one has to study alternative symmetry-breaking mechanisms. This paper is devoted to the evaluations of the gauge invariant electroweak functions that are relevant for the suppressed electroweak processes within the SM or the UV finite theory in which the noncontractible space breaks the gauge symmetry. Deviations from the SM amplitudes range from 10% to 30%, thus being measurable at the LHCb and future superB factories. The most recent result of the LHCb, measuring certain B meson branching fraction, appears to be lower than the SM prediction, thus favouring our theory of noncontractible space.

Autor: Davor Palle

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