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 Leo Frank - Parade The Musical

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If you asked one of your friends, acquaintances, or family members, whether or not theyve heard of the musical called Parade, chances are most people would likely shake their heads and say something along the lines of -No, Ive never heard of it before-. Yet amongst theatre fans around the world, Parade is a cult classic. In fact, Parade has been a major thespian feature in nearly every Western nation across the world, including even far off Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, whats most striking is that even though this Musical is about 15 years old, it continues playing out in new theaters across the United States, Canada and Europe to much fanfare and rave reviews. If you dont feel like wasting $$ on a ticket to see this show, you can  watch it for free on most major video sharing web sites, but before you do, read up about the real facts of this case from the original primary sources listed at the end.

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