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 Junction conditions at spacetime singularities

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A classical model for the extension of singular spacetime geometries across their singularities is presented. The regularization introduced by this model is based on the following observation. Among the geometries that satisfy Einsteins field equations there is a class of geometries, with certain singularities, where the components of the metric density and their partial derivatives remain finite in the limit where the singularity is approached. Here we exploit this regular behavior of the metric density and elevate its status to that of a fundamental variable - from which the metric is constructed. We express Einsteins field equations as a set of equations for the metric density, and postulate junction conditions that the metric density satisfies at singularities. Using this model we extend certain geometries across their singularities. The following examples are discussed: radiation dominated Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Universe, Schwarzschild black hole, Reissner-Nordstr\-{o}m black hole, and certain Kasner solutions. For all of the above mentioned examples we obtain a unique extension of the geometry beyond the singularity.

Author: Eran Rosenthal

Source: https://archive.org/

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