An M theory solution to the strong CP-problem, and constraints on the axiverseReport as inadecuate

An M theory solution to the strong CP-problem, and constraints on the axiverse - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Journal of High Energy Physics

, 2010:105

First Online: 23 November 2010Received: 21 September 2010Accepted: 24 October 2010


We give an explicit realization of the -StringAxiverse- discussed in Arvanitaki et. al 1 by extending our previous results on moduli stabilization in M theory to include axions. We extend the analysis of 1 to allow for high scale inflation that leads to a moduli dominated pre-BBN Universe. We demonstrate that an axion which solves the strong-CP problem naturally arises and that both the axion decay constants and GUT scale can consistently be around 2 × 10 GeV with a much smaller fine tuning than is usually expected. Constraints on the Axiverse from cosmological observations, namely isocurvature perturbations and tensor modes are described. Extending work of Fox et. al 2, we note that the observation of tensor modes at Planck will falsify the Axiverse completely. Finally we note that Axiverse models whose lightest axion has mass of order 10 eV and with decay constants of order 5 × 10 GeV require no anthropic fine-tuning, though standard unification at 10 GeV is difficult to accommodate.

KeywordsStrings and branes phenomenology Phenomenology of Field Theories in Higher Dimensions ArXiv ePrint: 1004.5138

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Author: Bobby Samir Acharya - Konstantin Bobkov - Piyush Kumar


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