GMRT discovery of PSR J1544 4937, an eclipsing black-widow pulsar identified with a Fermi LAT sourceReportar como inadecuado

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1 Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics 2 NRL - Naval Research Laboratory 3 HEPL - Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory 4 GSFC - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 5 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory 6 ARECIBOArecibo Observatory 7 USN - Unité Scientifique de la Station de Nançay 8 LPC2E - Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie de l-Environnement et de l-Espace 9 Astrophysics Science Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 10 CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, PO BOX 76, NSW 1710, Australia 11 Santa Cruz Institute of Particle Physics 12 PRAXIS Inc.

Abstract : Using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope GMRT we performed deep observations to search for radio pulsations in the directions of unidentified Fermi Large Area Telescope LAT gamma-ray sources. We report the discovery of an eclipsing black-widow millisecond pulsar, PSR J1544+4937, identified with the un-cataloged gamma-ray source Fermi J1544.2+4941. This 2.16 ms pulsar is in a 2.9 hours compact circular orbit with a very low-mass companion Mc > 0.017 Msun. At 322 MHz this pulsar is found to be eclipsing for 13% of its orbit, whereas at 607 MHz the pulsar is detected throughout the low-frequency eclipse phase. Variations in the eclipse ingress phase are observed, indicating a clumpy and variable eclipsing medium. Moreover, additional short-duration absorption events are observed around the eclipse boundaries. Using the radio timing ephemeris we were able to detect gamma-ray pulsations from this pulsar, confirming it as the source powering the gamma-ray emission.

Keywords : binaries: eclipsing pulsars: general pulsars: individual PSR J1544+4937

Autor: B. Bhattacharyya - J. Roy - P. S. Ray - Y. Gupta - R. W. Romani - S. M. Ransom - E. C. Ferrara - M. T. Wolff - F. Camilo - Ismaë



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