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1 Departament de Geologia 2 GR - Géosciences Rennes 3 LT - Laboratoire de tectonique

Abstract : Gunnell and Calvet 2006 hereinafter referred to asGC challenge the recent model that we proposed for theorigin of the highly elevated Pyrenean peneplain by contest-ing our morphometric analysis of this chain and the relationwe made between the morphological evolution and thepiedmont sedimentation. Their reasoning is as follows: 1According to Calvet 1996 on which their comment islargely based the high-elevation, low-relief surfaces in theEastern Pyrenees are remnants of a peneplain that devel-oped before the Pliocene from applanation near to sea level,and which was later uplifted by 2000 m during the Plio-Quaternary in other words, GC belong to the ‘‘applanation’’school, whereas we woul d belong to the ‘‘altiplanation’’school; 2 high-elevation, low-relief surfaces do not existin the Central Pyrenees; 3 therefore the relationships wemade between the morphology of the Central Pyrenees andthe pattern of the detrital sedimentation in the adjacent Ebroforeland basin is meaningless; 4 contrary to the initialinterpretation of Calvet 1996, GC recognize that crustalthickening did not develop since the Pliocene in the EasternPyrenees, so they appeal to another geodynamical processsuch as extension or lithosphere delamination to explain thesupposed uplift.

Keywords : Pyrenean orogen highly elevated peneplain Piedmont sedimentation

Autor: Julien Babault - Jean Van den Driessche - Stéphane Bonnet - Sébastien Castelltort - Alain Crave -



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