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Abstract: Discrete Scale Relativity proposes a new symmetry principle called discretecosmological self-similarity which relates each class of systems and phenomenaon a given Scale of nature-s discrete cosmological hierarchy to the equivalentclass of analogue systems and phenomena on any other Scale. The new symmetryprinciple can be understood in terms of discrete scale invariance involving thespatial, temporal and dynamic parameters of all systems and phenomena. This newparadigm predicts a rigorous discrete self-similarity between Stellar Scalevariable stars and Atomic Scale excited atoms undergoing energy-leveltransitions and sub-threshold oscillations. Previously, methods fordemonstrating and testing the proposed symmetry principle have been applied toRR Lyrae, Delta Scuti and ZZ Ceti variable stars. In the present paper we applythe same analytical methods and diagnostic tests to a new class of variablestars: SX Phoenicis variables. Double-mode pulsators are shown to provide anespecially useful means of testing the uniqueness and rigor of the conceptualprinciples and discrete self-similar scaling of Discrete Scale Relativity.

Autor: R. L. Oldershaw

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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