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Abstract: Very stringent experimental bounds exist on the amount of P and CP violationin strong interactions. Nevertheless, the presence of non-Abelian topologicalsolutions and the axial anomaly make the issue of CP invariance in QCDnon-trivial -the strong CP problem-. Even in the absence of a global P and CPviolation the fluctuations of topological charge in the QCD vacuum are expectedto play an important role in the breaking of chiral symmetry, and in the massspectrum and other properties of hadrons. Here I argue that topologicalfluctuations in hot QCD matter can become directly observable in the presenceof a very intense external magnetic field by inducing local P- and CP- oddeffects. These local parity-violating phenomena can be described by using theMaxwell-Chern-Simons, or axion, electrodynamics as an effective theory. Local Pand CP violation in hot QCD matter can be observed in experiment through the-chiral magnetic effect- the separation of electric charge along the axis ofmagnetic field that is created by the colliding relativistic ions. There is arecent evidence for the electric charge separation relative to the reactionplane of heavy ion collisions from the STAR Collaboration at RHIC.

Autor: D. E. Kharzeev


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