Members of the Hyposoter didymator Ichnovirus repeat element gene family are differentially expressed in Spodoptera frugiperdaReportar como inadecuado

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Virology Journal

, 3:48

First Online: 19 June 2006Received: 07 February 2006Accepted: 19 June 2006


BackgroundThe abundance and the conservation of the repeated element rep genes in Ichnoviruses genomes suggest that this gene family plays an important role in viral cycles. In the Ichnovirus associated with the wasp Hyposoter didymator, named HdIV, 10 rep genes were identified to date. In this work, we report a relative quantitative transcription study of these HdIV rep genes in several tissues of the lepidopteran host Spodoptera frugiperda as well as in the H. didymator wasps.

ResultsThe data obtained in this work indicate that, in the early phases of infection 24 hours, HdIV rep genes each display different levels of transcripts in parasitized 2 instar or HdIV-injected last instar S. frugiperda larvae. Only one, rep1, is significantly transcribed in female wasps. Transcript levels of the HdIV rep genes were found as not correlated to their copy number in HdIV genome. Our results also show that HdIV rep genes display different tissue specificity, and that they are primarily transcribed in S. frugiperda fat body and cuticular epithelium.

ConclusionThis work is the first quantitative analysis of transcription of the ichnovirus rep gene family, and the first investigation on a correlation between transcript levels and gene copy numbers in Ichnoviruses. Our data indicate that, despite similar gene copy numbers, not all the members of this gene family are significantly transcribed 24 hours after infection in lepidopteran larvae. Additionally, our data show that, as opposed to other described HdIV genes, rep genes are little transcribed in hemocytes, thus suggesting that they are not directly associated with the disruption of the immune response but rather involved in other physiological alterations of the infected lepidopteran larva.

AbbreviationsHdIVHyposoter didymator IchnoVirus

PCRPolymerase Chain Reaction.

reprepeat elementgene

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Autor: L Galibert - G Devauchelle - F Cousserans - J Rocher - P Cérutti - M Barat-Houari - P Fournier - AN Volkoff


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