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1 IMB - Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne Dijon

Abstract : This document has the purpose of presenting in an organic way my research on integrable systems originating from the geometry of moduli spaces of curves, with applications to Gromov-Witten theory and mirror symmetry. The text contains a short introduction to the main ideas and prerequisites of the subject from geometry and mathematical physics, followed by a synthetic review of some of my papers listed below starting from my PhD thesis October 2008, and with some open questions and future developements. My results include: • the triple mirror symmetry among P 1-orbifolds with positive Euler characteristic , the Landau-Ginzburg model with superpotential −xyz + x p + y q + z r with 1 p + 1 q + 1 r > 1 and the orbit spaces of extended ane Weyl groups of type ADE, • the mirror symmetry between local footballs local toric P 1-orbifolds and certain double Hurwitz spaces together with the identication of the corresponding integrable hierarchy as a rational reduction of the 2DToda hierarchy with A. Brini, G. Carlet and S. Romano. • a series of papers on various aspects of the double ramication hierarchy after A. Buryak, forming a large program investigating integrable systems arising from cohomological eld theories and the geometry of the double ram-ication cycle, their quantization, their relation with the Dubrovin-Zhang hierarchy, the generalizations of Witten-s conjecture and relations in the co-homology of the moduli space of stable curves with A. Buryak, B. Dubrovin and J. Guéré.

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Keywords : moduli spaces of stable curves integrable systems cohomological field theories Gromov-Witten theory mirror symmetry tautological ring quantization

Mots-clés : systèmes intégrables Espaces de modules de courbes

Author: Paolo Rossi -



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