Characteristics of laterally vibrating resonant microcantilevers in viscous liquid mediaReport as inadecuate

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1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 3 ECE GeorgiaTech - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Georgia Insitute of Technology 4 IMS - Laboratoire de l-intégration, du matériau au système

Abstract : The characteristics of microcantilevers vibrating laterally in viscous liquid media are investigatedand compared to those of similar microcantilevers vibrating in the out-of-plane direction. Thehydrodynamic loading on the vibrating beam is first determined using a numerical model. Asemi-analytical expression for the hydrodynamic forces in terms of the Reynolds number and theaspect ratio beam thickness over beam width is obtained by introducing a correction factor toStokes’ solution for a vibrating plate of infinite area to account for the effects of the thickness. Theresults enable the effects of fluid damping and effective fluid mass on the resonant frequency andthe quality factor Q to be investigated as a function of both the beam’s geometry and liquidmedium’s properties and compared to experimentally determined values given in the literature.The resonant frequency and Q are found to be higher for laterally vibrating microcantileverscompared to those of similar geometry experiencing transverse out-of-plane vibration. Comparedto transversely vibrating beams, the resonant frequency of laterally vibrating beams is shown todecrease at a slower rate with respect to changes in viscosity in media having higher viscositiesthan water. The theoretical results are compared to experimental data obtained for cantileverscompletely immersed in solutions of varying aqueous percent glycerol. The increases in resonantfrequency and Q are expected to yield much lower limits of detection in liquid-phase chemicalsensing applications.

Author: Russel Cox - Fabien Josse - Stephen Heinrich - Oliver Brand - Isabelle Dufour -



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