Are p.I148T, p.R74W and p.D1270N cystic fibrosis causing mutationsReport as inadecuate

Are p.I148T, p.R74W and p.D1270N cystic fibrosis causing mutations - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

BMC Medical Genetics

, 5:19

First Online: 02 August 2004Received: 16 April 2004Accepted: 02 August 2004


BackgroundTo contribute further to the classification of three CFTR amino acid changes p.I148T, p.R74W and p.D1270N either as CF or CBAVD-causing mutations or as neutral variations.

MethodsThe CFTR genes from individuals who carried at least one of these changes were extensively scanned by a well established DGGE assay followed by direct sequencing and familial segregation analysis of mutations and polymorphisms.

ResultsFour CF patients out of 1238 originally identified as carrying the p.I148T mutation in trans with a CF mutation had a second mutation c.3199del6 or a novel mutation c.3395insA on the p.I148T allele. We demonstrate here that the deletion c.3199del6 can also be associated with CF without p.I148T. Three CBAVD patients originally identified with the complex allele p.R74W-p.D1270N were also carrying p.V201M on this allele, by contrast with non CF or asymptomatic individuals including the mother of a CF child, who were carrying p.R74W-p.D1270N alone.

ConclusionThese findings question p.I148T or p.R74W-p.D1270N as causing by themselves CF or CBAVD and emphazises the necessity to perform a complete scanning of CFTR genes and to assign the parental alleles when novel missense mutations are identified.

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Author: Mireille Claustres - Jean-Pierre Altiéri - Caroline Guittard - Carine Templin - Françoise Chevalier-Porst - Marie Des Geo


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