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1 Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie 2 USN - Unité Scientifique de la Station de Nançay 3 LPC2E - Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie de l-Environnement et de l-Espace 4 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory 5 Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics 6 ARECIBOArecibo Observatory 7 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - Dept. of Physics, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250, USA 8 GSFC - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 9 CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, PO BOX 76, NSW 1710, Australia 10 HEPL - Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory 11 Santa Cruz Institute of Particle Physics 12 NRAO - National Radio Astronomy Observatory 13 NRL - Naval Research Laboratory

Abstract : Using the 100-m Effelsberg radio telescope operating at 1.36 GHz, we have performed a targeted radio pulsar survey of 289 unassociated gamma-ray sources discovered by the Large Area Telescope LAT aboard the Fermi satellite and published in the 1FGL catalogue Abdo et al., 2010. This survey resulted in the discovery of millisecond pulsar J1745+1017, which resides in a short-period binary system with a low-mass companion, Mmin ~ 0.0137 Msun, indicative of `Black Widow- type systems. A two-year timing campaign has produced a refined radio ephemeris, accurate enough to allow for phase-folding of the LAT photons, resulting in the detection of a dual-peaked gamma-ray light-curve, proving that PSR J1745+1017 is the source responsible for the gamma-ray emission seen in 1FGL J1745.5 + 1018 2FGL J1745.6+1015; Nolan et al., 2012. We find the gamma-ray spectrum of PSR J1745+1017 to be well modelled by an exponentially-cut-off power law with cut-off energy 3.2 GeV and photon index 1.6. The observed sources are known to contain a further 10 newly discovered pulsars which were undetected in this survey. Our radio observations of these sources are discussed and in all cases limiting flux densities are calculated. The reasons behind the seemingly low yield of discoveries are also discussed.

Keywords : pulsars: general gamma-rays: general pulsars: individual: PSR J1745+1017

Autor: E. D. Barr - Lucas Guillemot - D. J. Champion - M. Kramer - R. P. Eatough - K. J. Lee - J. P. W. Verbiest - C. G. Bassa - F. Cami

Fuente: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/


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