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Abstract: F-theory is one of the frameworks where up-type Yukawa couplings of SU5unified theories are naturally generated. As charged matter fields havelocalized zero modes in F-theory, a study of flavor structure could be easierin F-theory than in Heterotic string theory. In a study of flavor structure inthe lepton sector, however, an important role is played by right-handedneutrinos, which are not charged under the SU5 unified gauge group. It istherefore solicited to find out what right-handed neutrinos are in F-theorycompactifications and how their Majorana mass terms are generated together withdeveloping a theoretical framework where effective Yukawa couplings involvingboth SU5-neutral and charged fields can be calculated. We find that thecomplex structure moduli chiral multiplets of F-theory compactifications aregood candidates to be right-handed neutrinos, and that their Majorana massesare automatically generated in flux compactifications. The mass scale ispredicted to be somewhat below the GUT scale, which is in nice agreement withthe Delta m^2 of the atmospheric neutrino oscillation through the see-sawmechanism. We also discuss various scenarios of solving the dimension-4 protondecay problem in supersymmetric F-theory compactifications, along withconsidering the consequences of those scenarios in the nature of right-handedneutrinos.

Autor: Radu Tatar, Yoichi Tsuchiya, Taizan Watari

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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