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* Corresponding author 1 AS2M-SPECIMEN FEMTO-ST - Franche-Comté Électronique Mécanique, Thermique et Optique - Sciences et Technologies 2 Interactive Robotics Unit - Commissariat à l-Energie Atomique - CEA LIST

Abstract : This paper is focused on the study of a new low frequency micro and nanoforce sensor based on diamagnetic levitation. The force sensitive part is a tencentimeter long macroscopic capillary tube used as a levitating seismic mass. This tube presents a naturally stable equilibrium state with six degrees of freedom thanks to the combination of diamagnetic repulsive and magnetic attractive forces. It is only used as a one-direction force sensing device along its longitudinal axis. This force sensor is passive. The force measurement is based on the displacement of the capillary tube and in steady-state this displacement is proportional to the force. This sensor is characterized by an under-damped second-order linear force-displacement dynamic which remains linear on several hundred micrometers and can thus measure a wide range of microforces. Because of the magnetic springs con guration used, the capillary tube presents a horizontal mechanical sti ness that can be adjusted between 0.01 and 0.03 N-m similar to the sti ness of a thin AFM cantilever. The measurement range typically varies between 50 N. Bandwidth is 4 Hz. The resolution depends on the sensor used to measure the capillary tube displacement and on noises induced by environmental conditions ground and air vibrations. The resolution typically reached with a STIL confocal chromatic sensor is 5 nN inside a test chamber located on a anti-vibration table. This study is illustrated by a pull-off force measurement.

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Keywords : diamagnetism

keyword : Micro and nano force sensor magnetic spring diamagnetism.

Autor: Joël Abadie - Emmanuel Piat - Stéphane Oster - Mehdi Boukallel -



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