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Abstract: Wigner and Serber symmetries for the two-nucleon system provide uniqueexamples of long distance symmetries in Nuclear Physics, i.e. symmetries of themeson exchange forces broken only at arbitrarily small distances. We analyzethe large Nc picture as a key ingredient to understand these, so faraccidental, symmetries from a more fundamental viewpoint. A set of sum rulesfor NN phase-shifts, NN potentials and coarse grained V lowk NN potentials canbe derived showing Wigner SU4 and Serber symmetries not to be fullycompatible everywhere. The symmetry breaking pattern found from the partialwave analysis data, high quality potentials in coordinate space at longdistances and their V lowk relatives is analyzed on the light of large Nccontracted SU4 symmetry. Our results suggest using large Nc potentials aslong distance ones for the two-nucleon system where the meson exchangepotential picture is justified and known to be consistent with large Nccounting rules. We also show that potentials based on chiral expansions do notembody the Wigner and Serber symmetries nor do they scale properly with Nc. Weimplement the One Boson Exchange potential realization saturated with theirleading Nc contributions due to pi,sigma,rho and omega mesons. The shortdistance 1-r^3 singularities stemming from the tensor force can be handled byrenormalization of the Schrodinger equation. A good description of deuteronproperties and deuteron electromagnetic form factors in the impulseapproximation for realistic values of the meson-nucleon couplings is achieved

Autor: E. Ruiz Arriola, A Calle Cordon

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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