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Guest Editors: Liang Li, Tianye Niu, and Yi Gao Mathematical Methods and Applications in Medical Imaging 2014, Liang Li, Tianye Niu, and Yi Gao Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 685036, 2 pages Adhesion Pulmonary Nodules Detection Based on Dot-Filter and Extracting Centerline Algorithm, Liwei Liu, Xin Wang, Yang Li, Liping Wang, and Jianghui Dong Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 597313, 11 pages A Reconstruction Method of Blood Flow Velocity in Left Ventricle Using Color Flow Ultrasound, Jaeseong Jang, Chi Young Ahn, Kiwan Jeon, Jung Heo, DongHak Lee, Chulmin Joo, Jung-il Choi, and Jin Keun Seo Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 108274, 15 pages Automatically Identifying Fusion Events between GLUT4 Storage Vesicles and the Plasma Membrane in TIRF Microscopy Image Sequences, Jian Wu, Yingke Xu, Zhouyan Feng, and Xiaoxiang Zheng Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 610482, 7 pages An Adaptive Thresholding Method for BTV Estimation Incorporating PET Reconstruction Parameters: A Multicenter Study of the Robustness and the Reliability, M. Brambilla, R. Matheoud, C. Basile, C. Bracco, I. Castiglioni, C. Cavedon, M. Cremonesi, S. Morzenti, F. Fioroni, M. Giri, F. Botta, F. Gallivanone, E. Grassi, M. Pacilio, E. De Ponti, M. Stasi, S. Pasetto, S. Valzano, and D. Zanni Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 571473, 12 pages Explicit Filtering Based Low-Dose Differential Phase Reconstruction Algorithm with the Grating Interferometry, Xiaolei Jiang, Li Zhang, Ran Zhang, Hongxia Yin, and Zhenchang Wang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 623236, 7 pages Few-View Prereconstruction Guided Tube Current Modulation Strategy Based on the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of the Sinogram, Ming Chang, Yongshun Xiao, and Zhiqiang Chen Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 906452, 8 pages CT Image Reconstruction from Sparse Projections Using Adaptive TpV Regularization, Hongliang Qi, Zijia Chen, and Linghong Zhou Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 354869, 8 pages Adaptive Autoregressive Model for Reduction of Noise in SPECT, Reijo Takalo, Heli Hytti, Heimo Ihalainen, and Antti Sohlberg Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 494691, 9 pages The EM Method in a Probabilistic Wavelet-Based MRI Denoising, Marcos Martin-Fernandez and Sergio Villullas Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 182659, 21 pages NUFFT-Based Iterative Image Reconstruction via Alternating Direction Total Variation Minimization for Sparse-View CT, Bin Yan, Zhao Jin, Hanming Zhang, Lei Li, and Ailong Cai Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 691021, 9 pages Deep Adaptive Log-Demons: Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Very Large Deformations, Liya Zhao and Kebin Jia Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 836202, 16 pages Optimized Parallelization for Nonlocal Means Based Low Dose CT Image Processing, Libo Zhang, Benqiang Yang, Zhikun Zhuang, Yining Hu, Yang Chen, Limin Luo, and Huazhong Shu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 790313, 11 pages Estimation of Sensitive Proportion by Randomized Response Data in Successive Sampling, Bo Yu, Zongda Jin, Jiayong Tian, and Ge Gao Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 172918, 6 pages Finger Vein Segmentation from Infrared Images Based on a Modified Separable Mumford Shah Model and Local Entropy Thresholding, Marios Vlachos and Evangelos Dermatas Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 868493, 20 pages Methodology for Registration of Shrinkage Tumors in Head-and-Neck CT Studies, Jianhua Wang, Jianrong Dai, Yongjie Jing, Yanan Huo, and Tianye Niu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 265497, 9 pages Recent Development of Dual-Dictionary Learning Approach in Medical Image Analysis and Reconstruction, Bigong Wang and Liang Li Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 152693, 9 pages Feature Selection Based on Machine Learning in MRIs for Hippocampal Segmentation, Sabina Tangaro, Nicola Amoroso, Massimo Brescia, Stefano Cavuoti, Andrea Chincarini, Rosangela Errico, Paolo Inglese, Giuseppe Longo, Rosalia Maglietta, Andrea Tateo, Giuseppe Riccio, and Roberto Bellotti Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 814104, 10 pages Hybrid Pixel-Based Method for Cardiac Ultrasound Fusion Based on Integration of PCA and DWT, Samaneh Mazaheri, Puteri Suhaiza Sulaiman, Rahmita Wirza, Mohd Zamrin Dimon, Fatimah Khalid, and Rohollah Moosavi Tayebi Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 486532, 16 pages Segmentation of Regions of Interest Using Active Contours with SPF Function, Farhan Akram, Jeong Heon Kim, Chan-Gun Lee, and Kwang Nam Choi Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 710326, 14 pages Identification of Mitral Annulus Hinge Point Based on Local Context Feature and Additive SVM Classifier, Jianming Zhang, Yangchun Liu, and Wei Xu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 419826, 8 pages Adaptive Ridge Point Refinement for Seeds Detection in X-Ray Coronary Angiogram, Ruoxiu Xiao, Jian Yang, Danni Ai, Jingfan Fan, Yue Liu, Guangzhi Wang, and Yongtian Wang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 502573, 10 pages



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