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Guest Editors: Shungui Zhou, Yang-Chun Yong, Bin Cao, Hu-Chun Tao, and Li Zhuang Bioenergy and Its Environmental Impacts, Shungui Zhou, Yang-Chun Yong, Bin Cao, Hu-Chun Tao, and Li Zhuang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 508037, 1 page Bioelectricity Generation in a Microbial Fuel Cell with a Self-Sustainable Photocathode, Ting Liu, Liqun Rao, Yong Yuan, and Li Zhuang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 864568, 8 pages Microalgae for Bioenergy: Key Technology Nodes, Ywetta Maleterova, Frantisek Kastanek, Milena Rouskova, Martina Matejkova, Petr Kastanek, and Olga Solcova Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 597618, 6 pages Life Cycle Analysis on Fossil Energy Ratio of Algal Biodiesel: Effects of Nitrogen Deficiency and Oil Extraction Technology, Hou Jian, Yang Jing, and Zhang Peidong Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 920968, 9 pages Volatile Organic Silicon Compounds in Biogases: Development of Sampling and Analytical Methods for Total Silicon Quantification by ICP-OES, Claire Chottier, Vincent Chatain, Jennifer Julien, Nathalie Dumont, David Lebouil, and Patrick Germain Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 537080, 7 pages Comparative Evaluation of Biomass Power Generation Systems in China Using Hybrid Life Cycle Inventory Analysis, Huacai Liu, Xiuli Yin, and Chuangzhi Wu Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 735431, 14 pages Synergistic Microbial Consortium for Bioenergy Generation from Complex Natural Energy Sources, Victor Bochuan Wang, Joey Kuok Hoong Yam, Song-Lin Chua, Qichun Zhang, Bin Cao, Joachim Loo Say Chye, and Liang Yang Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 139653, 5 pages Effect of Catalytic Cylinders on Autothermal Reforming of Methane for Hydrogen Production in a Microchamber Reactor, Yunfei Yan, Hongliang Guo, Li Zhang, Junchen Zhu, Zhongqing Yang, Qiang Tang, and Xin Ji Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 451919, 9 pages Syngas Production from Pyrolysis of Nine Composts Obtained from Nonhybrid and Hybrid Perennial Grasses, Adéla Hlavsová, Agnieszka Corsaro, Helena Raclavská, Dagmar Juchelková, Hana Škrobánková, and Jan Frydrych Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 723092, 11 pages Assessment of the GHG Reduction Potential from Energy Crops Using a Combined LCA and Biogeochemical Process Models: A Review, Dong Jiang, Mengmeng Hao, Jingying Fu, Qiao Wang, Yaohuan Huang, and Xinyu Fu Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 537826, 10 pages Coupling of Algal Biofuel Production with Wastewater, Neha Chamoli Bhatt, Amit Panwar, Tara Singh Bisht, and Sushma Tamta Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 210504, 10 pages Carbon Nanofibers Modified Graphite Felt for High Performance Anode in High Substrate Concentration Microbial Fuel Cells, Youliang Shen, Yan Zhou, Shuiliang Chen, Fangfang Yang, Suqi Zheng, and Haoqing Hou Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 130185, 5 pages Effective Control of Bioelectricity Generation from a Microbial Fuel Cell by Logical Combinations of pH and Temperature, Jiahuan Tang, Ting Liu, Yong Yuan, and Li Zhuang Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 186016, 7 pages Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanostructured Manganese Oxide as Cathodic Catalyst in a Microbial Fuel Cell Fed with Leachate, Yuan Haoran, Deng Lifang, Lu Tao, and Chen Yong Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 791672, 6 pages



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