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Guest Editors: Víctor M. Baizabal-Aguirre, Carlos Rosales, Constantino López-Macías, and Marisa I. Gómez Control and Resolution Mechanisms of the Inflammatory Response 2016, Víctor M. Baizabal-Aguirre, Carlos Rosales, Constantino López-Macías, and Marisa I. Gómez Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 3591797, 2 pages Serum Cytokinome Profile Evaluation: A Tool to Define New Diagnostic and Prognostic Markers of Cancer Using Multiplexed Bead-Based Immunoassays, Francesca Capone, Eliana Guerriero, Angela Sorice, Giovanni Colonna, Gennaro Ciliberto, and Susan Costantini Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 3064643, 11 pages Therapeutic Treatment of Arthritic Mice with 15-Deoxy Δ

-Prostaglandin J2 15d-PGJ2 Ameliorates Disease through the Suppression of Th17 Cells and the Induction of CD4



Cells, Vanessa Carregaro, Marcelo H. Napimoga, Raphael S. Peres, Luciana Benevides, Laís Amorim Sacramento, Larissa G. Pinto, Renata Grespan, Thiago M. Cunha, João Santana da Silva, and Fernando Q. Cunha Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 9626427, 13 pages The Immune System in Tissue Environments Regaining Homeostasis after Injury: Is “Inflammation” Always Inflammation?, Onkar P. Kulkarni, Julia Lichtnekert, Hans-Joachim Anders, and Shrikant R. Mulay Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 2856213, 9 pages Interaction between Cannabinoid System and Toll-Like Receptors Controls Inflammation, Kathleen L. McCoy Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 5831315, 18 pages When Insult Is Added to Injury: Cross Talk between ILCs and Intestinal Epithelium in IBD, Esmé van der Gracht, Sonja Zahner, and Mitchell Kronenberg Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 9765238, 11 pages TLR2-Dependent Signaling for IL-15 Production Is Essential for the Homeostasis of Intestinal Intraepithelial Lymphocytes, Yuan Qiu, Aimin Pu, Hong Zheng, Minqiang Liu, Weigang Chen, Wensheng Wang, Weidong Xiao, and Hua Yang Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 4281865, 12 pages Low-Dose Steroid Therapy Is Associated with Decreased IL-12 Production in PBMCs of Severe Septic Patients, Huang-Pin Wu, Chi-Chung Shih, Duen-Yau Chuang, and Tien-Hsing Chen Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 1796094, 8 pages Neuroimmunomodulation in the Gut: Focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Claudio Bernardazzi, Beatriz Pêgo, and Heitor Siffert P. de Souza Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 1363818, 14 pages Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Inhibits L-Type Ca

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