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Guest Editors: Arifa S. Khan, Myra McClure, Yoshinao Kubo, and Paul Jolicoeur Xenotropic and Other Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Viruses in Humans, Arifa S. Khan, Myra McClure, Yoshinao Kubo, and Paul Jolicoeur Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 787394, 2 pages Murine Leukemia Viruses: Objects and Organisms, Alan Rein Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 403419, 14 pages Naturally Occurring Polymorphisms of the Mouse Gammaretrovirus Receptors CAT-1 and XPR1 Alter Virus Tropism and Pathogenicity, Christine A. Kozak Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 975801, 16 pages Phylogeny-Directed Search for Murine Leukemia Virus-Like Retroviruses in Vertebrate Genomes and in Patients Suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Prostate Cancer, Jonas Blomberg, Ali Sheikholvaezin, Amal Elfaitouri, Fredrik Blomberg, Anna Sjösten, Johan Mattson Ulfstedt, Rüdiger Pipkorn, Clas Källander, Christina Öhrmalm, and Göran Sperber Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 341294, 20 pages MoMuLV-ts-1: A Unique Mouse Model of Retrovirus-Induced Lymphoma Transmitted by Breast Milk, J. Chakraborty, H. Okonta, H. Bagalb, and J. Duggan Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 813651, 16 pages XMRV Discovery and Prostate Cancer-Related Research, David E. Kang, Michael C. Lee, Jaydip Das Gupta, Eric A. Klein, and Robert H. Silverman Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 432837, 10 pages Testing Strategies for Detection of Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Virus Infection, Shixing Tang and Indira K. Hewlett Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 281425, 5 pages Endogenous Murine Leukemia Viruses: Relationship to XMRV and Related Sequences Detected in Human DNA Samples, Oya Cingöz and John M. Coffin Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 940210, 10 pages Failure to Detect XMRV-Specific Antibodies in the Plasma of CFS Patients Using Highly Sensitive Chemiluminescence Immunoassays, Brendan Oakes, Xiaoxing Qiu, Susan Levine, John Hackett Jr., and Brigitte T. Huber Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 854540, 5 pages Prevalence of XMRV Nucleic Acid and Antibody in HIV-1-Infected Men and in Men at Risk for HIV-1 Infection, J. Spindler, J. Hackett Jr., X. Qiu, A. Wiegand, V. F. Boltz, P. Swanson, J. H. Bream, L. P. Jacobson, X. Li, C. R. Rinaldo, S. M. Wolinsky, J. M. Coffin, M. F. Kearney, and J. W. Mellors Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 268214, 6 pages Lack of Detection of Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-Related Virus in HIV-1 Lymphoma Patients, Krista A. Delviks-Frankenberry, Chawaree Chaipan, Rachel Bagni, Kathleen Wyvill, Robert Yarchoan, and Vinay K. Pathak Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 797820, 4 pages No Evidence of XMRV or MuLV Sequences in Prostate Cancer, Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, or the UK Blood Donor Population, Mark James Robinson, Philip William Tuke, Otto Erlwein, Kate I. Tettmar, Steve Kaye, Kikkeri N. Naresh, Anup Patel, Marjorie M. Walker, Takahiro Kimura, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Richard S. Tedder, and Myra O. McClure Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 782353, 6 pages Nucleic Acid, Antibody, and Virus Culture Methods to Detect Xenotropic MLV-Related Virus in Human Blood Samples, M. F. Kearney, K. Lee, R. K. Bagni, A. Wiegand, J. Spindler, F. Maldarelli, P. A. Pinto, W. M. Linehan, C. D. Vocke, K. A. Delviks-Frankenberry, R. W. deVere White, G. Q. Del Prete, J. W. Mellors, J. D. Lifson, V. N. KewalRamani, V. K. Pathak, J. M. Coffin, and S. F. J. Le Grice Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 272193, 12 pages Sexual Transmission of XMRV: A Potential Infection Route, Prachi Sharma, Kenneth A. Rogers, Suganthi Suppiah, Ross J. Molinaro, Nattawat Onlamoon, John Hackett Jr., Gerald Schochetman, Eric A. Klein, Robert H. Silverman, and François Villinger Volume 2011 2011,Article ID 965689, 5 pages

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