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Guest Editors: Aristo Vojdani and K. Michael Pollard Environmental Triggers and Autoimmunity, Aristo Vojdani, K. Michael Pollard, and Andrew W. Campbell Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 798029, 2 pages Neuroantibody Biomarkers: Links and Challenges in Environmental Neurodegeneration and Autoimmunity, Hassan A. N. El-Fawal Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 340875, 12 pages Autoimmunity and the Gut, Andrew W. Campbell Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 152428, 12 pages Elements of the B Cell Signalosome Are Differentially Affected by Mercury Intoxication, Randall F. Gill, Michael J. McCabe, and Allen J. Rosenspire Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 239358, 10 pages Autoimmunity and Asbestos Exposure, Jean C. Pfau, Kinta M. Serve, and Curtis W. Noonan Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 782045, 11 pages Mercury, Autoimmunity, and Environmental Factors on Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Lands, Jennifer Ong, Esther Erdei, Robert L. Rubin, Curtis Miller, Carlyle Ducheneaux, Marcia O’Leary, Bernadette Pacheco, Michael Mahler, Patricia Nez Henderson, K. Michael Pollard, and Johnnye L. Lewis Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 325461, 12 pages A Tandem Repeat in Decay Accelerating Factor 1 Is Associated with Severity of Murine Mercury-Induced Autoimmunity, David M. Cauvi, Rodney Gabriel, Dwight H. Kono, Per Hultman, and K. Michael Pollard Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 260613, 10 pages The Potential Roles of Bisphenol A BPA Pathogenesis in Autoimmunity, Datis Kharrazian Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 743616, 12 pages Chronic Exposure to Oral Pathogens and Autoimmune Reactivity in Acute Coronary Atherothrombosis, Ivana Burazor and Aristo Vojdani Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 613157, 8 pages Differential Immunotoxicity Induced by Two Different Windows of Developmental Trichloroethylene Exposure, Kathleen M. Gilbert, William Woodruff, and Sarah J. Blossom Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 982073, 12 pages A Potential Link between Environmental Triggers and Autoimmunity, Aristo Vojdani Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 437231, 18 pages The Role of Decay Accelerating Factor in Environmentally Induced and Idiopathic Systemic Autoimmune Disease, Christopher B. Toomey, David M. Cauvi, and Kenneth M. Pollard Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 452853, 12 pages

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