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Guest Editors: Esra Küpeli Akkol, Fatma U. Afifi, Saringat Hj. Baie, Ashok D. Taranalli, and Shrikant Anant Ethnopharmacological Approaches to Wound Repair, Esra Küpeli Akkol, Fatma U. Afifi, Saringat Hj. Baie, Ashok D. Taranalli, and Shrikant Anant Volume 2013 2013,Article ID 804039, 2 pages Evaluation of Topical Tocopherol Cream on Cutaneous Wound Healing in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats, Teoh Seong Lin, Azian Abd Latiff, Noor Aini Abd Hamid, Wan Zurinah bt Wan Ngah, and Musalmah Mazlan Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 491027, 6 pages Pilot Study with regard to the Wound Healing Activity of Protein from Calotropis procera Ait. R. Br., Ramar Perumal Samy and Vincent T. K. Chow Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 294528, 11 pages Plectranthus amboinicus and Centella asiatica Cream for the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Yuan-Sung Kuo, Hsiung-Fei Chien, and William Lu Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 418679, 9 pages Astragaloside IV Downregulates β-Catenin in Rat Keratinocytes to Counter LiCl-Induced Inhibition of Proliferation and Migration, Fu-Lun Li, Xin Li, Yi-Fei Wang, Xiu-Li Xiao, Rong Xu, Jie Chen, Bin Fan, Wen-bin Xu, Lin Geng, and Bin Li Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 956107, 12 pages Characteristics and Clinical Managements of Chronic Skin Ulcers Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fu-Lun Li, Yi-Fei Wang, Xin Li, Feng Li, Rong Xu, Jie Chen, Lin Geng, and Bin Li Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 930192, 6 pages Dexamethasone Resisted Podocyte Injury via Stabilizing TRPC6 Expression and Distribution, Shengyou Yu and L. Yu Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 652059, 7 pages A Study of the Wound Healing Mechanism of a Traditional Chinese Medicine, Angelica sinensis, Using a Proteomic Approach, Chia-Yen Hsiao, Ching-Yi Hung, Tung-Hu Tsai, and Kin-Fu Chak Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 467531, 14 pages Fractionation of an Extract of Pluchea odorata Separates a Property Indicative for the Induction of Cell Plasticity from One That Inhibits a Neoplastic Phenotype, Mareike Seelinger, Ruxandra Popescu, Prapairat Seephonkai, Judith Singhuber, Benedikt Giessrigl, Christine Unger, Sabine Bauer, Karl-Heinz Wagner, Monika Fritzer-Szekeres, Thomas Szekeres, Rene Diaz, Foster M. Tut, Richard Frisch, Björn Feistel, Brigitte Kopp, and Georg Krupitza Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 701927, 11 pages Inhibitory Effect of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. on the Development of Atopic Dermatitis-Like Skin Lesions in NC-Nga Mice, Rajendra Karki, Myung-A Jung, Keuk-Jun Kim, and Dong-Wook Kim Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 153568, 7 pages Topical Application of Chrysanthemum indicum L. Attenuates the Development of Atopic Dermatitis-Like Skin Lesions by Suppressing Serum IgE Levels, IFN-γ, and IL-4 in Nc-Nga Mice, Sunmin Park, Jung Bok Lee, and Suna Kang Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 821967, 8 pages Wound Healing and Anti-Inflammatory Effect in Animal Models of Calendula officinalis L. Growing in Brazil, Leila Maria Leal Parente, Ruy de Souza Lino Júnior, Leonice Manrique Faustino Tresvenzol, Marina Clare Vinaud, José Realino de Paula, and Neusa Margarida Paulo Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 375671, 7 pages A Therapeutic Approach for Wound Healing by Using Essential Oils of Cupressus and Juniperus Species Growing in Turkey, Ibrahim Tumen, Ipek Süntar, Hikmet Keleş, and Esra Küpeli Akkol Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 728281, 7 pages



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