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Guest Editors: Song Cen, Chenfeng Li, Sellakkutti Rajendran, and Zhiqiang Hu Advances in Finite Element Method 2014, Song Cen, Chenfeng Li, Sellakkutti Rajendran, and Zhiqiang Hu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 572648, 2 pages Smoothing Algorithm for Planar and Surface Mesh Based on Element Geometric Deformation, Shuli Sun, Minglei Zhang, and Zhihong Gou Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 435648, 9 pages Study on Real-Time Simulation Analysis and Inverse Analysis System for Temperature and Stress of Concrete Dam, Lei Zhang, Yi Liu, Bingqi Li, Guoxin Zhang, and Songtao Zhang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 306165, 8 pages Nonlinear Stability Analysis of a Composite Girder Cable-Stayed Bridge with Three Pylons during Construction, Xiaoguang Deng and Muyu Liu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 978514, 9 pages Intelligent Autofeedback and Safety Early-Warning for Underground Cavern Engineering during Construction Based on BP Neural Network and FEM, Lei Xu, Taijun Zhang, and Qingwen Ren Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 873823, 8 pages Application of Base Force Element Method on Complementary Energy Principle to Rock Mechanics Problems, Yijiang Peng, Qing Guo, Zhaofeng Zhang, and Yanyan Shan Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 292809, 16 pages A Conforming Triangular Plane Element with Rotational Degrees of Freedom, Xiang-Rong Fu, Ming-Wu Yuan, and Chen Pu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 274709, 6 pages A Robust and Efficient Composite Time Integration Algorithm for Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Analysis, Lihong Zhang, Tianyun Liu, and Qingbin Li Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 907023, 11 pages Subsection Forward Modeling Method of Blasting Stress Wave Underground, Bo Yan, Xinwu Zeng, and Yuan Li Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 678468, 9 pages Strength Reduction Method for Stability Analysis of Local Discontinuous Rock Mass with Iterative Method of Partitioned Finite Element and Interface Boundary Element, Tongchun Li, Jinwen He, Lanhao Zhao, Xiaona Li, and Zhiwei Niu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 872834, 11 pages Stress Field Gradient Analysis Technique Using Lower-Order Elements, Jianwei Xing and Gangtie Zheng Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 457046, 12 pages Numerical Simulation of Vibration Deflection Effects on the Energy Efficiency of Ultrasonic Transducer for Sonochemistry, Chang Ge Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 591352, 9 pages Fatigue Analysis on Wheel considering Contact Effect Using FEM Method, Q. 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Wang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 198390, 14 pages Effects of AC Coils Parameters on Transduction Efficiency of EMAT for Steel Plate Inspection, Xiaochun Song and Yawu Wang Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 712418, 11 pages A Hybrid Finite Element-Fourier Spectral Method for Vibration Analysis of Structures with Elastic Boundary Conditions, Wan-You Li, Binglin Lv, Huajiang Ouyang, Jingtao Du, Haijun Zhou, and Donghua Wang Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 834834, 11 pages Numerical Investigation of Characteristic of Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity of Natural Fiber Bundle with Numbered Lumens, Guan-Yu Zheng Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 506818, 8 pages Application of Base Force Element Method to Mesomechanics Analysis for Concrete, Yijiang Peng, Yao Wang, Qing Guo, and Junhua Ni Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 528590, 11 pages A Modified Damage-Plasticity Coupled Area-Weighted Nonlocal Model for Simulating Ductile Fracture and Softening Behaviors of Materials, Peng Cao, Decheng Feng, and Changjun Zhou Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 862543, 10 pages



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