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Guest Editors: FangXiang Wu, Luonan Chen, Jianxin Wang, and Reda Alhajj Biomolecular Networks and Human Diseases, FangXiang Wu, Luonan Chen, Jianxin Wang, and Reda Alhajj Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 363717, 2 pages ABC and IFC: Modules Detection Method for PPI Network, Xiujuan Lei, Fang-Xiang Wu, Jianfang Tian, and Jie Zhao Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 968173, 11 pages Identifying Dynamic Protein Complexes Based on Gene Expression Profiles and PPI Networks, Min Li, Weijie Chen, Jianxin Wang, Fang-Xiang Wu, and Yi Pan Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 375262, 10 pages A Network Biology Approach to Discover the Molecular Biomarker Associated with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Liwei Zhuang, Yun Wu, Jiwu Han, Xiaohua Ling, Liguo Wang, Chengyan Zhu, and Yili Fu Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 278956, 6 pages Network of microRNAs-mRNAs Interactions in Pancreatic Cancer, Elnaz Naderi, Mehdi Mostafaei, Akram Pourshams, and Ashraf Mohamadkhani Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 534821, 8 pages Multiple Regression Analysis of mRNA-miRNA Associations in Colorectal Cancer Pathway, Fengfeng Wang, S. C. Cesar Wong, Lawrence W. C. Chan, William C. S. Cho, S. P. Yip, and Benjamin Y. M. Yung Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 676724, 8 pages Pathway-Driven Discovery of Rare Mutational Impact on Cancer, TaeJin Ahn and Taesung Park Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 171892, 10 pages Mining Seasonal Marine Microbial Pattern with Greedy Heuristic Clustering and Symmetrical Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, Fei Liu, Shao-Wu Zhang, Ze-Gang Wei, Wei Chen, and Chen Zhou Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 189590, 9 pages Syn-Lethality: An Integrative Knowledge Base of Synthetic Lethality towards Discovery of Selective Anticancer Therapies, Xue-juan Li, Shital K. Mishra, Min Wu, Fan Zhang, and Jie Zheng Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 196034, 7 pages A Novel Algorithm for Detecting Protein Complexes with the Breadth First Search, Xiwei Tang, Jianxin Wang, Min Li, Yiming He, and Yi Pan Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 354539, 8 pages Gene Expression Correlation for Cancer Diagnosis: A Pilot Study, Binbing Ling, Lifeng Chen, Qiang Liu, and Jian Yang Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 253804, 6 pages msiDBN: A Method of Identifying Critical Proteins in Dynamic PPI Networks, Yuan Zhang, Nan Du, Kang Li, Jinchao Feng, Kebin Jia, and Aidong Zhang Volume 2014 2014,Article ID 138410, 10 pages



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