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Guest Editors: Carl M. Larsen, Armin Troesch, Celso P. Pesce, and Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou Mathematical Modeling of Marine Structures, Carl M. Larsen, Armin Troesch, Celso P. Pesce, and Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 127935, 2 pages Hydrodynamics of a Free Floating Vertical Axisymmetric Oscillating Water Column Device, S. A. Mavrakos and D. N. Konispoliatis Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 142850, 27 pages Analysis of the Elastic Large Deflection Behavior for Metal Plates under Nonuniformly Distributed Lateral Pressure with In-Plane Loads, Jeom Kee Paik, Ju Hye Park, and Bong Ju Kim Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 734521, 17 pages Vibration of an Offshore Structure Having the Form of a Hollow Column Partially Filled with Multiple Fluids and Immersed in Water, Hsien-Yuan Lin, Jeng-Nan Lee, and Wen-Hao Sung Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 158983, 16 pages Numerical Modelling of Oil Spills in the Area of Kvarner and Rijeka Bay The Northern Adriatic Sea, Goran Lončar, Gordana Beg Paklar, and Ivica Janeković Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 497936, 20 pages On Nonlinear Simulation Methods and Tools for Evaluating thePerformance of Ships and Offshore Structures in Waves, Shukui Liu and Apostolos Papanikolaou Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 563182, 21 pages An Analytical Approach to the Analysis of Inhomogeneous Pipes under External Pressure, Massimiliano Fraldi and Federico Guarracino Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 134896, 14 pages Numerical Prediction of Hydrodynamic Loading on Circular Cylinder Array in Oscillatory Flow Using Direct-Forcing Immersed Boundary Method, Ming-Jyh Chern, Wei-Cheng Hsu, and Tzyy-Leng Horng Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 505916, 16 pages Metamodel-Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Deep-Sea Manganese Nodules Test Miner, Minuk Lee, Su-gil Cho, Jong-Su Choi, Hyung-Woo Kim, Sup Hong, and Tae Hee Lee Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 326954, 18 pages Strength Analysis Modelling of Flexible Umbilical Members for Marine Structures, S. Sævik and J. K. Ø. Gjøsteen Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 985349, 18 pages Step Soliton Generalized Solutions of the Shallow Water Equations, A. C. Alvarez, A. Meril, and B. Valiño-Alonso Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 910659, 24 pages A Theoretical Approach to Predict the Fatigue Life of Flexible Pipes, José Renato M. de Sousa, Fernando J. M. de Sousa, Marcos Q. de Siqueira, Luís V. S. Sagrilo, and Carlos Alberto D. de Lemos Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 983819, 29 pages Simulation and Domain Identification of Sea Ice Thermodynamic System, Bing Tan, Peng Lu, Zhijun Li, Enmin Feng, and Juan Wang Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 532870, 16 pages Numerical Simulation of Sloshing Phenomena in Cubic Tank with Multiple Baffles, Mi-An Xue, Jinhai Zheng, and Pengzhi Lin Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 245702, 21 pages Simulation of Wave Overtopping of Maritime Structures in a Numerical Wave Flume, Tiago C. A. Oliveira, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, and Xavier Gironella Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 246146, 19 pages Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Waves Interaction with Porous and Impermeable Vertical Barriers, Manuel del Jesus, Javier L. Lara, and Inigo J. Losada Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 263839, 27 pages A Time-Domain Boundary Element Method for Wave Diffraction in a Two-Layer Fluid, Ying Gou, Xin-jia Chen, and Teng Bin Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 686824, 15 pages A Boundary Element Investigation of Liquid Sloshing in Coupled Horizontal and Vertical Excitation, De-Zhi Ning, Wei-Hua Song, Yu-Long Liu, and Bin Teng Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 340640, 20 pages Efficient Fatigue Analysis of Helix Elements in Umbilicals and Flexible Risers: Theory and Applications, Geir Skeie, Nils Sødahl, and Oddrun Steinkjer Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 246812, 22 pages A Ship Collision Analysis Program Based on Upper Bound Solutions and Coupled with a Large Rotational Ship Movement Analysis Tool, Hervé Le Sourne, Nicolas Besnard, Cedric Cheylan, and Natacha Buannic Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 375686, 27 pages The Most Unstable Conditions of Modulation Instability, Aifeng Tao, Jinhai Zheng, Soe Mee Mee, and Botao Chen Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 656873, 11 pages Simplified Analytical Method for Estimating the Resistance of Lock Gates to Ship Impacts, Loïc Buldgen, Hervé Le Sourne, and Philippe Rigo Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 763849, 39 pages A Study on the Holding Capacity Safety Factors for Torpedo Anchors, Luís V. S. Sagrilo, José Renato M. de Sousa, Edison C. P. Lima, Elisabeth C. Porto, and Jane V. V. Fernandes Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 102618, 18 pages



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