Natural Polymer: Oriental LacquerReport as inadecuate

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Guest Editors: Rong Lu, Michel Sablier, Yoshida Takashi, and Michael Schilling Modification of Urushiol Derivatives by Liquid Crystal Epoxy Resin, Gongwen Tang, Zhishan Yan, Linrong Ma, and Xin Huang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 132809, 8 pages Enzymatic Digestion and Mass Spectroscopies of N-Linked Glycans in Lacquer Stellacyanin from Rhus vernicifera, Oyunjargal Tumurbaatar and Takashi Yoshida Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 547907, 9 pages Preparation and Characterization of Urushiol Methylene Acetal Derivatives with Various Degrees of Unsaturation in Alkyl Side Chain, Chengzhang Wang, Yuanfeng He, Hao Zhou, Ran Tao, Hongxia Chen, Jianzhong Ye, and Yusi Zhang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 843290, 6 pages Simultaneous Organic and Inorganic Analysis of Colored Oriental Lacquerware by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Yoshimi Kamiya, Takayuki Honda, Atsushi Ohbuchi, and Tetsuo Miyakoshi Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 725467, 11 pages Properties of Polymer-Composite Used as Fills of Asian Lacquerware: Issues on Restoration Processes of Lacquered Objects from Cultural Heritage, Anne-Solenn Le Hô, Isabelle Fabre-Francke, and Caroline Thiphavong Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 729132, 8 pages Polymerization of Oriental Lacquer Urushi with Epoxidized Linseed Oil as a New Reactive Diluent, Takahisa Ishimura and Takashi Yoshida Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 782843, 7 pages Prepolymerization of Lacquer Sap under Pure Oxygen Atmosphere and Its Effects on the Properties of Lacquer Film, Jianhong Yang, Jianfeng Zhu, Wanghui Liu, Jianping Deng, and Yuanyuan Ding Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 517202, 8 pages Characterization of Vietnamese Lacquer Collected in Different Seasons, Rong Lu, Kenichiro Anzai, Bach Trong Phuc, and Tetsuo Miyakoshi Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 719328, 6 pages



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