Anxiety symptoms and disorder predict activity limitations in the elderly.Report as inadecuate

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* Corresponding author 1 Neuropsychiatrie : recherche épidémiologique et clinique 2 Institute of Psychiatry 3 Neuroscience Division

Abstract : BACKGROUND: In the elderly, little attention has been paid to anxiety both on a symptom dimension and as a disorder, as an independent risk factor for the incidence of activity limitations. METHODS: In a community-dwelling cohort of 1581 persons aged 65+, the association between trait anxiety symptoms Spielberger Trait, third highest tertile and baseline DSM-IV anxiety disorder, and 7-year incident activity limitations was determined using mixed logistic regression models. Repeated measures of activity limitations included, by increased severity level: social restriction neighbourhood and house confined, mobility Rosow and Breslau scale and limitations in instrumental activities of daily living IADL. RESULTS: Of the sample, 14.2% had an anxiety disorder at baseline. Adjusting for baseline socio-demographic and health variables, depression past and current, antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs, baseline anxiety disorder was associated with an increased risk of incident IADL limitation OR 95% CI: 1.84 1.01-3.39, p=0.048 and trait anxiety with increased incidence of social restriction OR 95% CI: 2.41 1.42-4.09, p=0.001. Associations remained significant in participants free of depressive symptoms at baseline OR 95% CI: 2.92 1.41-6.05, p=0.004; OR 95% CI: 3.21 1.31-7.89, p=0.011, respectively. LIMITATIONS: Activity limitations were self-reported and may have been over-reported in participants with anxiety. CONCLUSION: Both trait anxiety symptomatology and anxiety disorder were independently associated with increased incidence of activity limitations with a gradient of severity: trait anxiety associated with incident social restriction and anxiety disorder with more severe IADL limitations, suggesting that anxiety is a predictor of activity limitations in the elderly independently of depression comorbidity.

Keywords : anxiety disability aged longitudinal studies

Author: Joanna Norton - Marie-Laure Ancelin - Rob Stewart - Claudine Berr - Karen Ritchie - Isabelle Carrière -



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