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Abstract: We analyse the fluctuations of the ground-state-funnel solutions proposed todescribe M2-M5 systems in the level-k mass-deformed-pure Chern-Simons-matterABJM theory of multiple membranes. We show that in the large N limit thefluctuations approach the space of functions on the 2-sphere rather than thenaively expected 3-sphere. This is a novel realisation of the fuzzy 2-sphere inthe context of Matrix Theories, which uses bifundamental instead of adjointscalars. Starting from the multiple M2-brane action, a U1 Yang-Mills theoryon R^{2,1} x S^2 is recovered at large N, which is consistent with a singleD4-brane interpretation in Type IIA string theory. This is as expected at largek, where the semiclassical analysis is valid. Several aspects of thefluctuation analysis, the ground-state-funnel solutions and themass-deformed-pure ABJM equations can be understood in terms of a discretenoncommutative realisation of the Hopf fibration. We discuss the implicationsfor the possibility of finding an M2-brane worldvolume derivation of theclassical S^3 geometry of the M2-M5 system. Using a rewriting of the equationsof the SO4-covariant fuzzy 3-sphere construction, we also directly comparethis fuzzy 3-sphere against the ABJM ground-state-funnel solutions and showthem to be different.

Autor: Horatiu Nastase, Constantinos Papageorgakis, Sanjaye Ramgoolam


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