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Abstract: Heavy-flavor particles are believed to provide valuable probes of the mediumproduced in ultrarelativistic collisions of heavy nuclei. In this article wereview recent progress in our understanding of the interactions of charm andbottom quarks in the Quark-Gluon Plasma QGP. For individual heavy quarks, wefocus on elastic interactions for which the large quark mass enables a Brownianmotion treatment. This opens a unique access to thermalization mechanisms forheavy quarks at low momentum, and thus to their transport coefficients in thequark-gluon fluid. Different approaches to evaluate heavy-quark diffusion arediscussed and compared, including perturbative QCD, effective potential modelsutilizing input from lattice QCD and string-theoretic estimates in conformalfield theories. Applications to heavy-quark observables in heavy-ion collisionsare realized via relativistic Langevin simulations, where we illustrate theimportant role of a realistic medium evolution to quantitatively extract theheavy-quark diffusion constant. In the heavy quarkonium sector, we brieflyreview the current status in potential-model based interpretations ofcorrelation functions computed in lattice QCD, followed by an evaluation ofquarkonium dissociation reactions in the QGP. The discussion of thephenomenology in heavy-ion reactions focuses on thermal model frameworksparalleling the open heavy-flavor sector. We also emphasize connections to theheavy-quark diffusion problem in both potential models and quarkoniumregeneration processes.

Author: Ralf Rapp, Hendrik van Hees

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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